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SafetyPro is located in Oosterhout (NL) and can be found online at www.safetypro.nl. We are specialized in supplying materials and taking care of PPE inspections for work at height in any situation. Our customers are located throughout the Benelux.

Ascent Safety

Ascent Safety is our training center for work at height. Our trainers provide you with the best training for work and rescue at height. For example: GWO, IRATA, confined spaces and first aid. Our training centers are located in Amersfoort and Rotterdam.

With OutdoorPro we focus on the professional outdoor sports and leisure market. In recent years, OutdoorPro developed into the specialized supplier of outdoor sports and recreational equipment for business and private customers in the Benelux.


Klimwinkel.nl supplies sport climbers and alpinists with the best suitable materials for their activities. Our service includes quick delivery, specialist products, professional advice, news and competitive pricing.